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Vocations “come and follow me”

“Lord, what do you want me to do?”

Young man, if you want to know, understand and discern whether the Lord is calling you to follow him on the path on Francis and Clare in the Holy Land, we invite you to share our experience of fraternal life, of listening to the Word of God, of prayer, of work and of joy, living together like brothers…
Young man, if you want to make your life a gift to God and to your brothers, come without further delay and you will be welcomed with joy…
Young man, if you want to live the extraordinary adventure of the missionary Franciscans of the Holy Land, in the places that speak of the Lord, of the Virgin Mary and of the Apostles, and you want to meet someone who can help you on your path in search of a vocation...

Vocazional Animator of Custody

Brother Aquilino Castillo Alvárez
Convento Francescano
Santa Caterina “ad Nativitatem”
P.O.B. 186 - 91001 Jerusalem

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Events calendar


Palm Sunday Holy Sepulche: 00.40 Vigil – 8.00 Palm Procession & Mass 17.00 Daily Procession Bethphage: 14.30 Palm Sunday Procession


5th Station: 6.00 - 8.00 Masses Holy Sepulchre: 7.00 Mass in Arabic (Calvary) 8.00 Holy Mass – 17.00 Daily Procession Bethany: 18.00 Solemn Mass


Holy Sepulchre: 8.00 Mass (Passion sung) 17.00 Daily Procession


Gethsemane: 8.00 Mass (Passion sung) Holy Sepulchre: 8.00 Mass (Passion sung) & Daily Procession - 10.00 Veneration of the Column –16.00 Office


Holy Sepulchre: 8.00 Entry – The Lord's Supper & Procession of the Blessed Sacrament – 14.45 Office Cenacle – St. James – St. Mark: 15.30 Pilgrimage Gethsemane: 21.00 Holy Hour

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