Child Sponsorship Program

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Child Sponsorship Program

Elementary students

The Franciscan Foundation has established a Child Sponsorship Program because many families are no longer able to pay for their children’s tuition to the Franciscan schools. Parents have been unemployed or underemployed for years and the funds are just not available for anything but the essentials.

The Terra Santa schools, administered by the Franciscan Custody, are unique because the idea is to bring individuals together without any bias either to social class or to Christian or non-Christian students in terms of educational activities.

The schools acquaint the student with the values of both family life and of society so as to benefit from both. Each school attempts to meet the needs of all those who are deprived physically, morally, economically, and to welcome the stranger.

The Franciscan Schools

Education provided by these schools instills Christian values and understanding of worldwide issues such as poverty and social injustice while at the same time teaches how to make the right choices towards peace, solidarity and development. In this society our schools endeavor to instruct students not only how to prepare for the work place but to do so both ethically and morally for the sake of humanity. The policy of the Franciscan Terra Santa Schools has always been openness and service towards all.

Franciscan schools give religious instruction for every student according to his particular religious convictions recognizing the right of each individual to maintain his own faith. The teachers attempt to shun religious fanaticism while at the same time encouraging piety.

Our Philosophy

For the Holy Land to flourish and develop the only alternative is for Moslems, Christians and Jews to live in mutual respect. With tolerance and coexistence comes the stage of equality where one accepts the other as he is with all his rights and privileges. In many ways, the future is linked with and dependent upon this type of education. The Custos, Fr. Pierbattista Pizzaballa, has set religious education as one of the priorities of the Christians in the Holy Land.

The project

The Foundation has already paired 108 children with sponsors for the remainder of their elementary school years, and some through their secondary education. To date we have invested over $157,000 and have outstanding pledges of another $150,000 over the next several years. We have additional children in Jericho, Jerusalem, Nazareth, as well as other cities, who also need sponsors. The program encourages individuals to assist with the cost of tuition, books, and one uniform. The yearly sponsorship of $500 is an investment in the future of Christianity in the Holy Land. For those who make this commitment we ask that you sponsor each child for a seven year period where possible.


To donate on-line click here.

For more information or a sponsorship form please call toll free 1-866-905-3787 or download the application for a sponsorship.

Application for Sponsorship

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