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The Custodial Curia and Its Members

Custodial Curia

The Custodial Curia, headed by the Custos, coordinates all of the services connected to the Custody of the Holy Land in order to permit the friars, wherever they are present, to live their vocation of welcoming pilgrims, serving the poor, providing local pastoral care and providing for the liturgical life and maintenance of the holy places. The Custodial Curia represents all of the friars in local Ecclesial life, in relations with the Catholic religious orders of the Holy Land, and in ecumenical relations and dialogue with the other religions. Moreover, it centralises the financial and social assistance services, communications (six magazines, a publishing house, a Christian Information Centre and a website) and all of the administrative services involving the friars (from formation and appointments to the procedures for obtaining visas). It is responsible for ties with the Franciscan General Curia, as well as with the convents belonging to the Custody of the Holy Land in the Middle East (Cyprus, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Palestine and Syria), with those throughout the world placed under its direct jurisdiction (Argentina, Greece, Italy, Spain and the United States), and with the 69 Commissions and 10 Vice-Commissions of the Holy Land present in 43 nations.

While the religious and official ceremonies give the Curia a very solemn aspect, in everyday matters it works for an understanding of the realities of the Holy Land and for the welcoming of pilgrims. Between 2007 and 2010, the Custos, Fr. Pierbattista Pizzaballa, and the Custodial Vicar, Fr. Artemio Vitores, have welcomed more than 60,000 pilgrims to Saint Saviour, illustrating the reality of the Custody and its operation in the Holy Land, and transmitting the grace of the holy places in which the spiritual roots of Christianity are planted.


Events calendar


Ss. Peter and Paul. Capernaum: 8.00 Mass. Tiberias: 8.30 Mass Jaffa: 18.00 Mass (Custos). St. Saviour: 9.00 Ordinations


Gethsemane: 9.00 Solemn Mass (Custos)


Dedication of the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre: 7.30 Mass (Custos)


Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Mount Carmel: 10.00 Mass


S. Mary Magdalene. Holy Sepulchre: 8.00 Mass

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