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The pastoral activity of the Custody

The pastoral activity of the Custody

All the Custody’s activity can be defined apostolic and missionary. Although in the region where it operates often the direct announcement of the Gospel is not possible, the Custody never fails to offer its own spiritual good, that is, the teaching of St. Francis.
In any case, its presence in the Holy Land implies above all the pastoral care of the local churches. For a long time, the friars of the Custody were the only ones to look after the small groups of Christians in the Holy Land, creating parishes and organizational structures for these communities.

The parish activity was of particular importance to bring the faithful closer and “back” to Christianity in various historical periods. The Custody still offers numerous resources for the parishes and for the work and activities connected with them.
The various forms of pastoral activity by the Custody in the Holy Land include, for a great part, spiritual assistance (Masses, confessions, retreats, etc.) for the religious communities.

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Events calendar

28/08/2015 - 03/09/2015 SPECIAL EVENTS

Washington (USA): Meeting of the Discretorium of the Holy Land


Mount Nebo: 17.00 Solemn Mass


Nativity of the Bless ed Virgin Mary. S. Anne: 9.00 Solemn Mass


Exaltation of the Cross . Calvary: 9.00 Mass (Vicar CTS)


The Stigmata of St.Francis. Acre: 18.00 Mass

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