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The Custody of the Holy Land promotes pilgrimages to the Holy Places, of which the Franciscans of the Orders of Friars Minor have been the custodians for almost eight centuries, according to the wishes and mandate of the Universal Church.

It promotes journeys with an in-depth spiritual approach in the Holy Land, to those Holy Places which St. Francis, founder of the Order, visited in 1219, and to which the Franciscans have accompanied pilgrims from all over the world for centuries.

The suggestions for pilgrimages include itineraries of eight days to the Holy Places and pilgrimages inspired by Biblical itineraries which include visits in Jordan, Egypt, Syria and Turkey. 

Pilgrims who choose a pilgrimage promoted by the Custody of the Holy Land stay at the Case Nove, the Franciscan centres of hospitality located near the main Sanctuaries. 

On the site of the Pilgrimages you can also find very useful practical information for those wishing to visit the Holy Land.

Going on a pilgrimage with the Custody of the Holy Land means contributing to the Franciscan mission in the Holy Land. The great work carried on by the Franciscans of the Custody of the Holy Land over the centuries has been made possible thanks to a network of structures all over the world which contribute to supporting the Christian presence in the Holy Land and the maintenance of the Holy Places.

As from 1 May 2015 the Pilgrims Office of the Custody of the Holy Land in Rome is being entrusted to the Fondazione Terra Santa.

The decision was taken by the Custodial Discretorium meeting of 13 December 2014 and has been communicated on 7 January 2015. It has become operative with the nomination of Fr. Giuseppe Ferrari ofm, delegate of the Custos for Italy and president of the same Foundation, who is now responsible for this Office.

The structure in Rome will continue to operate along the continuous and long consolidated tradition, as a centre for animation and promotion of pilgrimages to the Holy Land and the Christian Orient, in service to and in close collaboration with the Commissariats of the Holy Land.

Among the priorities of the Office there will be that of the strengthening of our presence in the sector of Franciscan pilgrimages especially in Central and Southern Italy, as well as an opening to new programs in view of the Jubilee of Mercy announced by Pope Francis and due to begin on 8 December 2015.

A special word of thanks to Fr. Gianfranco Pinto Ostuni ofm for the service and his dedicated direction of the Office in these last years.

The contacts with the Pilgrims Office of the Custody of the Holy Land in Rome (situated in Via Berni 6, a short distance from Saint John Lateran) are the following:
tel: +39 06 77206308;
For info and departures:

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Events calendar


Vigil of Christmas. Bethlehem: 13.30 Entrance of the Archbishop & I Vespers - 16.00 Procession - 23.30 Office & 00.00 Mass - 1.45 Procession to the Grotto


Nativity of the Lord. Bethlehem (St. Catherine): 10.00 Mass Shepherds' Field (Greek & Catholic): 14.00 Pilgrimage


Feast St. Stephen, Protomartyr. St. Stephen: 16.00 Pilgrimage


Feast of the Holy Innocents. Bethlehem:10.00 Mass - 14.00 II Vespers (Vicar CTS)


Octave of Christmas. Beit Sahour: Holy Angels ad pastores

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