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At Terra Santa School in Jerusalem, Graduation Celebration

31 students graduated from the science and literature section

Saturday 2nd of June 2012

This year 31 students graduated from the science and literature section.
The ceremony, presided by Fr. Ibrahim Faltas, Economist General of the Custody of the Holy Land, began with the entrance of the graduates, accompanied by the sound of the Catholic Arab Scout’s band of Jerusalem.
From the Heart of Jerusalem, the heart of the Custody of the Holy Land,” with these words Simon Herro, the Institute’s Principal, began the welcoming speech addressed to the present.

After thanking the administration, teaching and parent’s staff, F. Simon addressed, in particular, the students: “Dear students, your mission is to be education and teaching ambassadors for your country and your family. I ask you to make up for the remaining present institutional gaps, to improve education and didactic standards in the city of Jerusalem: in order to become a flag that hovers high in the sky of Jerusalem and which is dear to us all.”
The principal thanked the Custody of the Holy Land for the material and moral support given to the Terra Santa Schools and the Palestinian People.

During the event, there were major interventions from the schools’ students in Arabic and English, alternated with songs from the school’s choir and the handing of symbolic flowers and gifts from the Economist General, the principal and teachers.
The ceremony ended awarding certificates to the new graduates. The overall event was celebrated with a reception offered by the participants.

2012/06/02 - At Terra Santa School in Jerusalem, Graduation Celebration

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