The medal of Pope Leo XIII: a sign of the Holy journey to Jerusalem

You come to the Holy Land to walk where Christ’s feet trod and where he lived, died and was resurrected!

You come to the Holy Land to confess and confirm your faith in the Son of God!

You come to the Holy Land to support the Christians who live here and await the prayers of pilgrims and their support to feel part of that one living Church!

Pilgrims with medal
To sanction the special bond uniting pilgrims to the Holy Land and its inhabitants, in 1901, Pope Leo XIII wanted to bless and encourage pilgrims along their path with a decoration, a medal in the shape of the Cross of the Holy Land, which is still given today to those who make the holy journey.

As well as being a sign, the decoration is a gesture: apart from pilgrims on foot, or some people that the Custos wants to thank for their devotion to the service of the Holy Land, it is actually the pilgrims themselves who purchase this Decoration.

“Purchasing” the medal lets the Custody economically help the poor and sick of the Holy Land, offering all these donations to the poor.

Like a seal on your heart

The hope is that this decoration can remind the pilgrim of what the Holy Land teaches, the graces received, the encounters he has had and remind him that the Lord himself asks him:

“Set me as a seal on your heart, as a seal on your arm” (Song of Songs 8, 6).