The Via Crucis: on the way of the Passion, towards Easter

The Via Crucis: on the way of the Passion, towards Easter

At the end of the celebration of the "Passion of the Lord" at the Holy Sepulchrethe Franciscan friars gathered for the traditional practice of the Via Crucis / Via Dolorosa guided by the Father Custos of the Holy Land Fra Francesco Patton and the Vicar of the Custody Fra Ibrahim Faltas.

The Jerusalemite Via Crucis, a moment of devotion which is felt very deeply by the faithful: despite the difficult circumstances, it was attended by many local believers and even small groups of pilgrims.

From the Flagellation to the Anastasis

The Via Crucis goes back over the stages of the passion and death of Jesus Christ, from the condemnation to death to the burial: it winds through the city from the Franciscan convent of the Flagellation  along the Via Dolorosa to end at the Anastasis, in front of the Edicule of the Holy Sepulchre.

On the way, the long procession of Christian pilgrims through the streets of the Old City met the Muslim faithful who were taking the same path towards the al-Aqṣā Mosque, for their ritual Friday prayer in this period of Ramadan.