Comunità Mondo X

The Mondo X community established its presence at the Franciscan sanctuary of Mount Tabor in 2006. 
The presence of the Community comes from the desire of the Custody to keep the message of St. Francis topical. Father Eligio, himself a Franciscan, founded Mondo X to help drug addicts recover hope and dignity. 
This attention for Man is the ideal that is at the base of the Community: each Man, even when in despair, is made in the image of God.
The members of the Mondo X Community perform their service at the Sanctuary of the Transfiguration where they welcome pilgrims and are responsible for the catering in the Casa Nova, the maintenance of the Sanctuary and the redevelopment of the environment.


Basilica della Trasfigurazione
P.O.B. 16 
16100 Nazareth

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