Minimum Sisters of the Sacred Heart | Custodia Terrae Sanctae

Minimum Sisters of the Sacred Heart

The small community of the Franciscan Minimal Sisters of the Sacred Heart has been present in Bethlehem at the Sanctuary of the Nativity since 5th May 1977.

This presence is very deeply felt by the sisters due to the deep link between the “cradle of the Word Incarnate” and the mystical experience of their Blessed Founder, Maria Margherita Caiani. 
The Minimal Sisters help the Fathers carry out their mystery as Custodians of the holy places of the Nativity of the Redeemer through a humble, generous and discreet service, attentive to their needs as fathers and the liturgical life of the Sanctuary.

Supported by the grace and invitation from the founder: "I leave you, my dears, at the cradle of the Divine Infant...", the Minimal Sisters are fulfilled at the thought of working in Bethlehem, humbly continuing the service of Mary to the Child Jesus.


Sr. M. Caterina Sulcis

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