"A star for you from Bethlehem" | Custodia Terrae Sanctae

"A star for you from Bethlehem"

A Special Edition of “#WithMyEyes Looks on the Holy Land” for Christmas greetings messages on December 15th at 21.00 Italian time, in live streaming from Bethlehem with Fr. Ibrahim Faltas ofm.

Starting from Bethlehem, where the Light was born more than two thausand years ago to make the world brighter with hope, peace and love, in collaboration with the Custody of the Holy Land, we will be meeting some communites all over the world: Europe, Middle East, Asia and South America sharing all together the importance of Christmas, especially during this pandemic time.

We will be in live feed with: Fr. IBRAHIM FALTAS ofm from Bethlehem,PALESTIN; Fr. ALBERTO PARI ofm and the students of the “Magnificat “ Music School from Jerusalem, ISRAEL; Fr. KEVORK SARKISYAN from Yerevan, ARMENIA; Lowyer MARIANNA EL RAHY and Mr. MAROUN MAZAWI from Beirut, LEBANON; Fr. FIRAS LUTFI ofm from Aleppo, SYRIA; Monk WISAM KARO of the Diocese of Mossul, IRAQ; Fr. ADMIR BARREIRO from Tite, GUINEA BISSAU; Fr. MANUEL LAGOS Dehoniano from Caracas, VENEZUELA.

Featuring Presenters of the Night: Fr. Sergio Rotasperti from Freiburg to Germany; Mrs. Marina Venturini and Don Marco Di Giorgio from Pesaro, Italy; Mr. Alberto Tosi from Sassuolo(Mo)Italy.

Journalists partecipation : Mrs. Francesca Cipolloni from Macerata; Mrs. Simonetta Marfoglia from Pesaro; Mr. Vincenzo Varagona from Ancona; Mrs. Francesca Palombi from Rome.