5 July - Opening of the Chapter and Reports


The second day of the Chapter, Tuesday 5 July, opened with Holy Mass presided by Fr. Sandro Tomasevic.

Work began at 9.00 a.m. In the first morning session, the Capitular friars elected Fr. Alessandro Coniglio, Fr. Jakab Varnai and Fr. Rashid Mistrih as moderators.
In the second morning session, the Capitulars listened to the report to the Custodial Chapter by the Visitor General on the previous six years. In the afternoon session, they went on to the report by the Father Custos on  the three year-period that has just come to an end.
In the second afternoon session, the Capitular friars gathered to work in groups on the topics presented in the earlier sessions.

The second day of the Chapter came to a conclusion with the celebration of vespers and dinner.