6 July - Reports and "Instrumentum Laboris"


The third day of the Chapter started again with Holy Mass resided by Fr.Dobromir Jasztal, who exhorted his brothers to revive the gift of their call in the context of the Custodial Chapter. 
During the first morning session, the Capitular friars listened to the financial report of the Custodial economy and the activity of the Bursar’s office of the three-year period that has just come to an end.
In the second morning session, the Instrumentum laboris was presented. This collects the voices and the feelings of the Local and Area Chapters celebrated in the Custody over the last three years.

In the afternoon, the friars heard the presentation by the Minister of the St Paul Region and afterwards the Capitulars set to work in groups. 
At around 5.45 p.m. the friars once again gathered in the Capitular Hall to share the reflections that had emerged in the various work groups.
Then, after an intense day of work, the friars met in St Saviour’s church for the celebration of Vespers. After dinner, there was a moment of recreation in St Helen’s courtyard.