9 July – Elections of the Vicar and of the Discretes


The day of 9 July started by giving thanks to God with the celebration of the Eucharist and Lauds prayers presided by the President of the Chapter, fr. Julio César Bunader. At around 9.00 a.m. the capitular friars gathered in the capitular hall and invoked the Holy Spirit with the song of Veni Creatorand, after having listened to the passage from the Gospel according to John 13, 1-5.12-17 and Admonition IV of St Francis, they proceeded with the election of some friars for the office of Custodial Vicar and the Discretes of the Holy Land.

Fr. Ibrahim Faltas was elected Vicar of the Holy Land.
In the same session, after reading a passage from the Mirror of Perfection, the following were elected as Discretes of the Holy Land: 
fr. John Luck Gregory, Discrete for the English linguistic group;
fr. Alessandro Coniglio, Discrete for the Italian linguistic group; 
fr. Rachid Mistrih, Discreteforthe Oriental linguistic group;
fr. Sandro Tomasevic, for the Greek-Slav, French-German linguistic group;
fr. Silvio De La Fuente, for the Hispanic-Portuguese linguistic group.

We wish all the Lord’s best to the new government and good service to the brothers in mission in the Holy Land. The day came to an end with Vespers and a fraternal dinner to celebrate the gift of the new government.