Festival of the Music School of the Custody of the Holy Land

On Thursday the 27th of June at Saint Saviour Church in Jerusalem the third annual MOM: Magnificat Open Music, the classical musical festival featuring students and teachers of the Custody of the Holy Land’s music school the Magnificat Institute, will end. The evening’s program will begin at 6:00 pm and will include pieces for organ, choir and chamber ensemble.

MOM was born of the idea that music must not only be studied; it must be played. At the Magnificat Institute student musicians from the very youngest age are invited, with their friends and teachers, to play together in public. The concert itself is educational, social and playful. Only music could bring together people who are so different in age, experience and origin… all the while enjoying themselves. The concert takes place at the end of a year of intense study and is the culmination of intensive study and teaching, as the Magnificat requires the same standards of its students and teachers as European conservatories.

As an idea of the involvement required, a few numbers: five concerts with 83 performers, both students and teachers, as well as the choirs and orchestras, playing 98 pieces of music. This year’s festival sees the addition of the orchestra and chamber ensembles, as well as an increase in the number of organ students (an instrument that is very important to the liturgy in the Holy Land) and the choirs that sing at the major liturgical celebrations for the Latin community in the Holy Land.


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