Blessing of the altar of the Church of the Shrine of the Archangel Gabriel in the depopulated village of Al-Mujaydel

In an atmosphere of joy and serenity, the Custody of the Holy Land blessed the new altar and celebrated the Holy Mass in the Church of the Convent of the Archangel Gabriel in the village of Al-Mujaydel, near Nazareth, depopulated since 1948. The Custos of the Holy Land, Br Francesco Patton, presided over the Solemn Mass concelebrated by priests, in the presence of the faithful, most of whom belonged to the families of those exiled from the village.

Guardian of the Convent of the Archangel Gabriel
"We grouted the stones of both the old monastery and the historic church. We placed the new altar of the Archangel Gabriel and also the tabernacle for the Blessed Sacrament."

The renovations also included tiling the church, refurbishing the façade and rebuilding the electrical system. The Guardian of the monastery, Brother Shallufi, is preparing this place in the middle of nature to host spiritual retreats.

Brother Francesco Patton, Custos of the Holy Land, referred to the pleasant atmosphere that accompanied the celebration, recalling that Gabriel is the angel of good news. It is he who announced to the Virgin Mary that she would give birth to Jesus, adding that the celebration coincides with other good news that the angels have conveyed on the occasion of Holy Easter.

Custos of the Holy Land
"The angels have brought us in this time of Pandemic another piece of good news that gives us hope.
We all know as Christians that we can find hope when we welcome Jesus, from the Annunciation to the Resurrection. Today also marks an important feast day, that of Divine Mercy.'

At the end of the Mass, Brother Patton presented Sami Nassar, exiled from the village, with a medal and a certificate for his and his family's generosity towards the Church.

Exiled from the Village of Al-Mujaydel
"We are originally from Al- Mujaydel. The inhabitants were exiled and moved to Nazareth. We have a special bond with this church because it stands on the only piece of Christian land left in Al-Mujaydel. There is also a Greek Orthodox Church but it has also been abandoned."

Guardian of the Convent of the Archangel Gabriel
"In the various places that have been abandoned and no longer inhabited by Christians, such as Sepphoris or Ain Karem, we Franciscan friars are present and remain guardians and custodians of the holy places and churches, including Al-Mujaydel.
It is our mission to inform the local Christian community that they can start praying again here, starting with the original inhabitants of Al-Mujaydel. This way the Church, which is the House of God, and this monastery can be repopulated and give moments of joy to everyone."

After the mass, refreshments were offered. The priests received the congratulations and greeted the faithful in a festive atmosphere.


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